One man’s true story experiences after finding, buying and living The Pearl of Great Price.  195 short posts

Perhaps I was just extreme.  But, until I understood God’s Grace, I would literally have a discouraging thought, perhaps every few minutes.  Or even more frequently than that.  For example, EVERY thing that I noticed that was undone that “needed to be done” would give me a “zap” of discouragement.  Like, “Oh, that bill didn’t get paid on time.  I feel bad we’ll have a late fee.”  Or, “I haven’t called my daughter in quite a while.  I feel a bit bad about that.” Or, “I haven’t been through those papers on my desk.  I really should have done that.” Or “The baseboards in my house are dirty.  I can’t believe I let them get that way.”  Or “I can’t believe I’ve been using Microsoft Word for 15 years, and I still don’t know how to use the ‘clipboard’ function.” And on and on.

In addition, if I could spot a flaw in anything that I HAD done, I’d feel bad, too.  “I really talked about myself too much in that recent interaction I had with Chuck at church. How embarrassing.” Or, “I bet Mary could smell the smoke on my breath when we spoke the other day.  I’m trying to hide the fact that I’m smoking again.” Or, “I know it looks like I’m succeeding in business.  But my affairs are really a mess.”

It was all about my performance.  And since I knew the word of God quite well, I was very sensitive to all my “failures”.  I could literally be driving down the street, letting my mind wander, and be “zapped” with a bit of discouragement/failure every minute or so.  As I said, perhaps this is extreme.  But this is how I experienced life.  A RACE to try to get enough things done, and done right, that I could never win.  My mind consistently drifted to all my shortcomings. I was also quite a list maker.  I could not even put on my lists all the things I needed to do.

Then I came to understand and believe the 100% Grace of God.  I realized that since I was already perfect because God had proclaimed this to be so,  I grew to stop all that self-accusation.   With this breakthrough, much of my depression, anxiety and addictions stopped.  Unlike before, I could literally take a 30 minutes drive from one place to another, and do it in great joy, without being interrupted by any discouraging thoughts.

Understanding the Grace of God settles our issues related to eternity.  But, it also settles lots of issues related to our time-and-space existence in this life.  I’d like to discuss this with you if you want this freedom.




This blog documents the True Story of finding and beginning to experience the Pearl of Great Price AS IT HAS HAPPENED since January 2013. 

I have always been the man of great purpose.  Making money. Giving it to worthy causes. Starting and growing businesses.  Helping people of all sorts.  Raising a family. Learning the Bible. Helping at church.  Trying to be Holy. You understand.  On and on.

Along the way, I realized that all of these great purposes fell under a single goal/purpose – which was to be a Very Good Christian.  I believed that was the best primary purpose for my life (of any life, really). And for 30 years, I lived with that as my purpose.  But there was great pressure and stress to be that Very Good Christian, measuring up to God’s impossible standards.  No one has worked harder than I did, I would think.  But I was very unhappy if you looked ‘neath the surface. I had depression, anxiety, anti-depressant medicine, addictions of various kinds, verbal abuse at home, etc. because I found that I wasn’t really very good at becoming a Very Good Christian.  But, I persisted.  Taking up my cross daily, you understand. But I felt I wasn’t making it. And I wasn’t.  I didn’t measure up to God’s standard, even a bit. I felt condemned most of the time.

Well, once I understood the 100% Grace of God, I realized that my goal had already been entirely accomplished. That I was already a PERFECT CHRISTIAN because of God’s Jesus Plan. When I figured that out – that I had worked BELIEVED my way out of a job and out of my primary purpose for living. I no longer had a PURPOSE in the sense that we typically think of a purpose.    In order to have a purpose, one would need to find something very important that was not yet done that needed to be done. But, Grace tells me that “It is Finished!!!”  Or, said another way, “It is Done!!!”  Nothing left to do.  Nothing undone.  No purpose left. Nothing of this sort, anyway.

Well, today, with my purpose finished, I am living in the glow of this Finished Work. So, I spend my days enjoying being loved by God and His lavish Grace and provision for me.   And the thing I like the VERY BEST and to which I commit my most time by FAR is learning about, writing about, talking about, reading about and thinking about the 100% Grace of God that has turned me into the happiest person I personally know.  But I don’t do these Grace related activities because of any obligation or because God needs me to do them. They are my favorite activities.  I’m doing what I want to do.

Life is great.  I thought I’d have to wait for heaven to experience this.  But, I didn’t have to wait.



This blog documents the True Story of finding and beginning to experience the Pearl of Great Price AS IT HAS HAPPENED since January 2013. 

I hate feeling angry, don’t you? I had a small lesson today having to do with avoiding anger.

A memorable sermon/message by Joseph Prince of, perhaps, a year ago, was when he said, in a nutshell, that all emotional pain is related to having a sense of condemnation.  I have always remembered that and observe that reality in my life frequently.  Here’s one example from today.

A co-worker of mine with whom I’m very close was offering to take a small work task off my hands today.  But, as he offered, I noticed myself getting angry AT HIM!  I looked inside myself to try to figure out why I was getting angry.  It was because I was feeling/believing that part of what he was REALLY saying was, “You screwed up again.  If anything is going to done right around here, I guess I’m going to have to do it myself.”  After we got off the phone, as I said, I was pretty frustrated.  Because, I WAS RELYING ON THIS OTHER PARTY TO MAKE ME FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF!!  And when his offer actually made me feel embarrassed (condemned), I got really pretty angry inside for a few minutes.  I think I was angry because, deep down I was saying to him in my mind “DON’T YOU DARE make me feel bad about myself!!!  I know what you’re really saying.  That I’m somewhat incompetent in this area. YOU HAVE YOUR OWN FLAWS.  GO WORK ON THEM, NOT ON ME!!!”

Solution?  Remember (believe) that God has said that I’m perfect and not condemned or criticized in any way.  And I don’t depend need to depend on ANY other person to make me feel OK about myself (let’s say, “righteous”, if that’s not too churchy a word for this context).   But, living that out takes quite a bit of work.  And there are lessons to be learned about this every day.

According to JP, anger, frustration, fear, sadness are all related to a sense of personal condemnation.  Amazing that the Gospel of 100% Grace provides “medicine” for this ailment.  Cool. Very cool.  Thanks, God.



This blog documents in real time my experience of finding and experiencing The Pearl of Great Price as it happens.  From pain to joy. First post was January 2013

I have been nervous to point to Joseph Price (JP) on this blog as my favorite (understatement) teacher. My heart says to listen to other teachers as well, and I do.  And I HAVE throughout my 30+ years of Christian life.  After 29 years since conversion, there was only one sermon/message I ever saw that made be stand up in my chair, all alone in my home office and thrust my hands up into the air while screaming out something like “Yahoo!!!!”  or “Yippie!!!” or “This is too good to be True!!!”  And that was in 2011 when I heard my first JP message, that I ran across by chance (I had never heard his name before) as I perused the internet for good teaching, as I often do.  I feel like that was the day that I first beheld The Pearl of Great Price (Google this if you don’t know what this is) and promptly set out to “…sell everything I have to buy it.” because I wanted it so badly. More than riches, family, power, pleasure, sin or any other thing you can name. Thank you, JP, for being used to change my Life from suffering to unspeakable joy, that continues to this day and increases all the time.

He continues to be THE TEACHER (among many I access) who speaks clearly to MY heart, seems authentic to MY heart, who anticipates when he speaks, the follow-on questions asked by my doubting and highly intellectual heart as he makes WILD claims about the Grace of God in his teachings.

There are those who can’t get past the prosperity or healing parts of his messages. Others think he dresses too flashy – like a toned-down Rock-Star. Others can’t get past that he makes a lot of money.  I am truly sorry for you. That’s not a jab at you.  My heart of Love (I’m boasting in the Lord) wishes I could give you what I have and am experiencing now.  I daydream about pulling all “my people” (friends, family, etc.) together in a room and being able to give them what I’ve been given.  Then enjoying the laughing, crying, hugging and worshipful gratitude we’d all have together for hours on end as we reveled in how good God and Life really is.

JP isn’t the only teacher of this message.  You can find The Pearl in the words of many other wonderful teachers.  But after two years of basking in the 100% Grace Gospel, I still have a powerful affection and gratitude for this man who delivered and keeps delivering God’s Truth to me and so many others. I felt I should finally point to JP as the man who was used to lead me to now have everything I ever wanted and more.

It may seem I want to congratulate/elevate JP with these words.  I truly believe he doesn’t want or need that.  I’m writing this for YOU, the reader, in hopes that your life can be changed from ashes to beauty as mine has and many others I’ve met in my exciting journey growing in the Grace of God.

I can prove that his view on the Gospel is True.  Dare me.



This blog documents in real time my experience of finding and experiencing The Pearl of Great Price as it happens.  From pain to joy. First post was January 2013

My efforts today are no longer to “NOT SIN”.  My focus today is not to correct my behavior.   Instead, my focus is to BELIEVE RIGHT(learn what is the True Truth of God about things – then work toward believing them).

I find that what is True according to God is SO INCREDIBLY GREAT that I experience unspeakable joy.  I get a sense of wholeness. Like, “All Is Well!”.  The 9 Fruit of the Spirit effortlessly well up in me. Think of all 9 of them: Love….Joy….Peace….Patience….Kindness….Goodness….Faithfulness….Gentleness….Self-Control.   They are effortlessly present in my experience.  Remember, Jesus said that when we know the Truth, it will SET US FREE.  I’m having such a party then, that I find that my pet sins would really interrupt the party.  Usually, I decide, “Naahhh.  I’m not interested in this sin or that sin. This party is too good, just the way it is.”  And, if on occasion I decide I just can’t resist this sin or that one, I go ahead and let myself partake.  I’m quickly reminded that the party would have been better without sin.

BTW, my sin behavior is withering and dying.  By focusing on believing the Truth of God. Rather than trying to correct my behavior.



LIKE A PUZZLEThe hardest time in doing a puzzle is right at the beginning.  Because you don’t have any/many pieces in place to narrow down the options/choices for pieces that come along after that.  Once you get, say, 50% of the pieces in place, you can more easily add the last 50%.

I’ve found that this 100% Grace matter is much like that.  As you understand one piece of it, and ONLY one piece, it’s like you have no other pieces in place to give you a place to put the new one.

So, when you’re trying to understand these Truths, you need to be patient to know that you DON’T KNOW where that piece could possibly go until you get enough pieces understood that you can start to piece them together.  Put them in context.  A single piece alone may give you no insight. You need to take the first handful of pieces “on faith” that when you get quite a few pieces understood, perhaps a picture can start to emerge.  In other words, the pieces make NO SENSE without having many other pieces understood to start to create a picture with meaning.

Takes some patience.  That’s what I’ve experienced. You have to want this peace/joy enough that you can be patient through this start up phase.

I’m sure this isn’t always true.  But often true.