This blog documents the True Story of finding and beginning to experience the Pearl of Great Price AS IT HAS HAPPENED since January 2013. 

I have always been the man of great purpose.  Making money. Giving it to worthy causes. Starting and growing businesses.  Helping people of all sorts.  Raising a family. Learning the Bible. Helping at church.  Trying to be Holy. You understand.  On and on.

Along the way, I realized that all of these great purposes fell under a single goal/purpose – which was to be a Very Good Christian.  I believed that was the best primary purpose for my life (of any life, really). And for 30 years, I lived with that as my purpose.  But there was great pressure and stress to be that Very Good Christian, measuring up to God’s impossible standards.  No one has worked harder than I did, I would think.  But I was very unhappy if you looked ‘neath the surface. I had depression, anxiety, anti-depressant medicine, addictions of various kinds, verbal abuse at home, etc. because I found that I wasn’t really very good at becoming a Very Good Christian.  But, I persisted.  Taking up my cross daily, you understand. But I felt I wasn’t making it. And I wasn’t.  I didn’t measure up to God’s standard, even a bit. I felt condemned most of the time.

Well, once I understood the 100% Grace of God, I realized that my goal had already been entirely accomplished. That I was already a PERFECT CHRISTIAN because of God’s Jesus Plan. When I figured that out – that I had worked BELIEVED my way out of a job and out of my primary purpose for living. I no longer had a PURPOSE in the sense that we typically think of a purpose.    In order to have a purpose, one would need to find something very important that was not yet done that needed to be done. But, Grace tells me that “It is Finished!!!”  Or, said another way, “It is Done!!!”  Nothing left to do.  Nothing undone.  No purpose left. Nothing of this sort, anyway.

Well, today, with my purpose finished, I am living in the glow of this Finished Work. So, I spend my days enjoying being loved by God and His lavish Grace and provision for me.   And the thing I like the VERY BEST and to which I commit my most time by FAR is learning about, writing about, talking about, reading about and thinking about the 100% Grace of God that has turned me into the happiest person I personally know.  But I don’t do these Grace related activities because of any obligation or because God needs me to do them. They are my favorite activities.  I’m doing what I want to do.

Life is great.  I thought I’d have to wait for heaven to experience this.  But, I didn’t have to wait.



  1. I am appalled that so many walk in this bondage you describe, it is a worthy endeavor to ask ourselves why. You were not taught the truth of the gospel – sitting under false teaching, the catholic-light protestant church system based upon personal performance, works. oh yes. Mostly you were taught “God is great….you’re not……try harder!

    Is it not an affront to His person to try to earn something that is worth billions? How ridiculous! In Galatians Paul describes this deception as a result of coming under a spell, like a hypnotic trance. Thing is, it”s a religious spirit perpetuated by an entire religious “industry” if you will. There is a 2,000yr old juggarnaut at work with its own momentum, hierarchy inthe heavenlies and human religious zombies keeping it going. You got swept up in what you were taught was the way to be a good christian. what a ruse. if the church had a pattern like Jesus taught (Heb. 13:3) we would not be so easily deceived as we would be transparent in reality and share lives daily, like in Acts. this modern church system doesn”t need to be reformed. It needs to be exposed (Eph.5;11) as the evil it is. But it feeds the religious flesh, makes billions to put back into it and energize it further. BUT GOD!!!!!!! Many are waking up now and learning how to live by the indwelling life of Christ, relationship not religion. (Pls excuse my typos I’m using a funky hard to use keyboard)

    I am thankful you are free!

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