This blog documents the True Story of finding and beginning to experience the Pearl of Great Price AS IT HAS HAPPENED since January 2013. 

I hate feeling angry, don’t you? I had a small lesson today having to do with avoiding anger.

A memorable sermon/message by Joseph Prince of, perhaps, a year ago, was when he said, in a nutshell, that all emotional pain is related to having a sense of condemnation.  I have always remembered that and observe that reality in my life frequently.  Here’s one example from today.

A co-worker of mine with whom I’m very close was offering to take a small work task off my hands today.  But, as he offered, I noticed myself getting angry AT HIM!  I looked inside myself to try to figure out why I was getting angry.  It was because I was feeling/believing that part of what he was REALLY saying was, “You screwed up again.  If anything is going to done right around here, I guess I’m going to have to do it myself.”  After we got off the phone, as I said, I was pretty frustrated.  Because, I WAS RELYING ON THIS OTHER PARTY TO MAKE ME FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF!!  And when his offer actually made me feel embarrassed (condemned), I got really pretty angry inside for a few minutes.  I think I was angry because, deep down I was saying to him in my mind “DON’T YOU DARE make me feel bad about myself!!!  I know what you’re really saying.  That I’m somewhat incompetent in this area. YOU HAVE YOUR OWN FLAWS.  GO WORK ON THEM, NOT ON ME!!!”

Solution?  Remember (believe) that God has said that I’m perfect and not condemned or criticized in any way.  And I don’t depend need to depend on ANY other person to make me feel OK about myself (let’s say, “righteous”, if that’s not too churchy a word for this context).   But, living that out takes quite a bit of work.  And there are lessons to be learned about this every day.

According to JP, anger, frustration, fear, sadness are all related to a sense of personal condemnation.  Amazing that the Gospel of 100% Grace provides “medicine” for this ailment.  Cool. Very cool.  Thanks, God.


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