This blog documents in real time my experience of finding and experiencing The Pearl of Great Price as it happens.  From pain to joy. First post was January 2013

I have been nervous to point to Joseph Price (JP) on this blog as my favorite (understatement) teacher. My heart says to listen to other teachers as well, and I do.  And I HAVE throughout my 30+ years of Christian life.  After 29 years since conversion, there was only one sermon/message I ever saw that made be stand up in my chair, all alone in my home office and thrust my hands up into the air while screaming out something like “Yahoo!!!!”  or “Yippie!!!” or “This is too good to be True!!!”  And that was in 2011 when I heard my first JP message, that I ran across by chance (I had never heard his name before) as I perused the internet for good teaching, as I often do.  I feel like that was the day that I first beheld The Pearl of Great Price (Google this if you don’t know what this is) and promptly set out to “…sell everything I have to buy it.” because I wanted it so badly. More than riches, family, power, pleasure, sin or any other thing you can name. Thank you, JP, for being used to change my Life from suffering to unspeakable joy, that continues to this day and increases all the time.

He continues to be THE TEACHER (among many I access) who speaks clearly to MY heart, seems authentic to MY heart, who anticipates when he speaks, the follow-on questions asked by my doubting and highly intellectual heart as he makes WILD claims about the Grace of God in his teachings.

There are those who can’t get past the prosperity or healing parts of his messages. Others think he dresses too flashy – like a toned-down Rock-Star. Others can’t get past that he makes a lot of money.  I am truly sorry for you. That’s not a jab at you.  My heart of Love (I’m boasting in the Lord) wishes I could give you what I have and am experiencing now.  I daydream about pulling all “my people” (friends, family, etc.) together in a room and being able to give them what I’ve been given.  Then enjoying the laughing, crying, hugging and worshipful gratitude we’d all have together for hours on end as we reveled in how good God and Life really is.

JP isn’t the only teacher of this message.  You can find The Pearl in the words of many other wonderful teachers.  But after two years of basking in the 100% Grace Gospel, I still have a powerful affection and gratitude for this man who delivered and keeps delivering God’s Truth to me and so many others. I felt I should finally point to JP as the man who was used to lead me to now have everything I ever wanted and more.

It may seem I want to congratulate/elevate JP with these words.  I truly believe he doesn’t want or need that.  I’m writing this for YOU, the reader, in hopes that your life can be changed from ashes to beauty as mine has and many others I’ve met in my exciting journey growing in the Grace of God.

I can prove that his view on the Gospel is True.  Dare me.


2 thoughts on “WHY IS THIS ALL SO CLEAR TO ME?

  1. Thank you, Rick. I would like to watch the video that touched you so deeply. Do you remember the specific name or date of the message?

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