This blog documents in real time my experience of finding and experiencing The Pearl of Great Price as it happens.  From pain to joy. First post was January 2013

My efforts today are no longer to “NOT SIN”.  My focus today is not to correct my behavior.   Instead, my focus is to BELIEVE RIGHT(learn what is the True Truth of God about things – then work toward believing them).

I find that what is True according to God is SO INCREDIBLY GREAT that I experience unspeakable joy.  I get a sense of wholeness. Like, “All Is Well!”.  The 9 Fruit of the Spirit effortlessly well up in me. Think of all 9 of them: Love….Joy….Peace….Patience….Kindness….Goodness….Faithfulness….Gentleness….Self-Control.   They are effortlessly present in my experience.  Remember, Jesus said that when we know the Truth, it will SET US FREE.  I’m having such a party then, that I find that my pet sins would really interrupt the party.  Usually, I decide, “Naahhh.  I’m not interested in this sin or that sin. This party is too good, just the way it is.”  And, if on occasion I decide I just can’t resist this sin or that one, I go ahead and let myself partake.  I’m quickly reminded that the party would have been better without sin.

BTW, my sin behavior is withering and dying.  By focusing on believing the Truth of God. Rather than trying to correct my behavior.


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