This blog documents in real time my experience of finding and experiencing The Pearl of Great Price.  From pain to joy. First post was January 2013,Image

Until my Grace Awakening, I had never experienced the diminishing of my desire to sin, my addictions, as my churches said I should.  It was always a struggle.  The desire for this or that addicted behavior never went away – never got less powerful. After Grace, they are gone or well on their way to being gone.  I now know why.

Addictions are our way to have some control of our feelings/emotions.  In the non-Grace life (as most Christians live), there is so much emotional pain from fear of God, self-loathing and sense of personal failure that we desire escape.  Addictions are what we turn to for this purpose, whether it’s shopping or pornography or over-eating or over-working or video games – the list is endless.

When Grace becomes True to you, and the peace and joy (Fruit of the Spirit, remember?) comes in, we would rather experience this Fruit un-diluted by addictions.  We find that they  “ruin our good time” of Grace by indulging in addictions.  This is real.  I’m living it. If you read more of my blog, you would know I’m honest about these things and I can be trusted as I report this to you.

Whether you actively engage in your addictions, if you still strongly desire them, you haven’t yet full experienced God’s Grace. Never fear.  You’re entirely forgiven.  But you’re missing the party. And what a party it is.



  1. I am entering the field of substance abuse counseling…. finishing up classes and working a practicum [on the job training] for two more quarters … I have had a running argument with the Lord b/c, while there is a lot of really great information and neuroscience on the ‘disease’ of addiction, the brain organ gets ‘broke’ …. the reality is that true deliverance is as you penned above… its gonna be a GRACE thing….

    I read a book by Steve McVey and Mike Quarels wrote a book on Addiction meriting GRACE as the answer… it is. Although I have not struggled with substance abuse issues, I have known the enabling side of addiction, which also requires pure grace to overcome…

    While i am grateful for treatment programs, neuroscience research, and self-help recovery programs, the bottom line is GRACE: Jesus Christ and Him crucified … IT IS FINISHED… thank you for sharing this on your blog…..

    Great grace to you!

  2. I’d like to correspond with you about something that is private for someone with whom I’m am extremely close. Would you take an email address from me to go to so we could correspond privately? I’m asking this for the sake of privacy of the individual I have on my mind. If you are agreeable, I will respond with an email address that will protect the privacy of this individual. If I don’t hear from you via reply on this blog, then that is fine and no problem. But, you may be able to give me some insight for this hurting person.

  3. Hi Rick,
    I LOVE this. I see that I continue to “want out” of all this emotional/fleshly pain and discomfort. I also am pained by my own immaturity spiritually, in that I know my primary sin is unbelief. And I know, intellectually anyway, that there is no effort or trying or work to do which frustrates me! ACK! But I’m smart enough to know that this discomfort is part of the growing thing and that there’s no shortcut as much as I try to shortcut it by indulging my addictions. SCREAM!

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