satisfied2Experiencing God’s Grace fully includes a feeling that you don’t want anything you don’t already have.  At least that’s the way it is for me.   And I believe that it lines up with Ephesians 1:3.  But, you can FULLY enjoy all you do have.

Not wanting anything you don’t have frees you from the striving most all of us have most all the time.  We think if the kids just get a little older, if we lived in a nicer neighborhood, if we had a different job or spouse, things would be much better for us.  But, without the spiritual blessings mentioned in Ephesians 1, no change in our earthly experiences will deliver the peace and joy our soul desires.

Obvious.  But, I want to document that this is what I’m experiencing much of the time.  Complete satisfaction with the spiritual blessings God has provided. I’m so happy much of the time, I’m driving people around me crazy!  Remember King David dancing in the parade?  That’s me often.


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