To me, this is beautiful and profound.  I got it from another blog.  If you’re ready for this…enjoy.  It’s exactly what I have experienced in my search for The Pearl of Great Price. 


Grace preachers often neglect the ordained process by which we enter into grace, a process that includes exertion and complete failure while feeling the full force of the law, as well as a deep revelation of our sinfulness and lack without Christ. We cannot skip that step directly into grace. Holiness preachers often neglect to preach purely the means by which we attain power, the utter inability we inherently have to do the smallest holy thing, and the path of failure unto trusting completely in God alone for life. True grace doesn’t lower the standard of holiness, it raises it. We can’t ‘try’ to do the NT commands, and if you are preaching a “get as close as you can,” that is not enough. The Pharisees misinterpreted what the law really asked of them because the demand, the holiness, is a state of the heart, not the outward actions at all. Christ simply did not say “just try to be perfect.” The truth is, holy-demanders are asking us to do something we cannot do and sloppy-gracers are telling us we don’t have to achieve holiness. The solution is not Jesus helping us, it’s Jesus living his life through us. If our holiness is not a supernatural miracle we could never produce, then it’s not real! And this miracle happens when we maintain faith in God’s ability. Neither sloppy-gracers nor holy-demanders show us the complete path of partaking in the new life we find in a complete union with Christ.

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