LIKE A PUZZLEThe hardest time in doing a puzzle is right at the beginning.  Because you don’t have any/many pieces in place to narrow down the options/choices for pieces that come along after that.  Once you get, say, 50% of the pieces in place, you can more easily add the last 50%.

I’ve found that this 100% Grace matter is much like that.  As you understand one piece of it, and ONLY one piece, it’s like you have no other pieces in place to give you a place to put the new one.

So, when you’re trying to understand these Truths, you need to be patient to know that you DON’T KNOW where that piece could possibly go until you get enough pieces understood that you can start to piece them together.  Put them in context.  A single piece alone may give you no insight. You need to take the first handful of pieces “on faith” that when you get quite a few pieces understood, perhaps a picture can start to emerge.  In other words, the pieces make NO SENSE without having many other pieces understood to start to create a picture with meaning.

Takes some patience.  That’s what I’ve experienced. You have to want this peace/joy enough that you can be patient through this start up phase.

I’m sure this isn’t always true.  But often true.


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