Ken – This is an analogy for your life.  Years ago, God asked you to go mountain climbing.  You said yes.  But, you found this activity slow and hard and pretty scary.  But, God has been by your side the whole time.

Now, He is asking you if you’d like to climb much faster while having much more fun, peace and joy.  You tell Him yes and he responds, “OK, then take your left hand off that rock and give that hand to Me.”  And, as much as you want to, you tell him that you’re too afraid to let go of the rock in your left hand.  You look back over your shoulder and down below you and you see how far it is to the bottom.  Certain death!.  And as your fear becomes unbearable, you say “I JUST CAN’T!  I CAN’T TAKE THE RISK.  IT’S TOO FAR DOWN!  THE SLOW WAY I’M DOING IT WILL AT LEAST PERMIT ME TO SURVIVE!”

He smiles at you, reminding you that He is well in control and He promises to keep you safe.  Shaking and even with some fearful tears, you begin to remove your left had and place it in God’s.  Immediately you find a feeling of safety, enabling you to put yourself completely in His hands.

As you do this,  you find that your fearful tears are replaced by tears of Love, Joy, Peace and all the other Fruits of the Spirit.  You soar with God, laughing and talking about wonderful things with Him as you ascend. All fear about your life is gone.  All regret, guilt and sense of having failed is gone.  The thought crosses your mind that you’ve departed to some kind of Heaven.  Yet, you know you are still in your body.

As you climb this new, better way, you glance up see me at the top, smiling broadly and weeping for you as I see your fears and pain melt away.  I’m laughing uncontrollably and urging you on. I know the peace and joy you’ve found because I’ve found it myself.

Ken – if this analogy isn’t clear, we can talk about it whenever you are ready.  I’ve seen you begin to replace your untrue thoughts/beliefs with True Ones and your joy has begun to show up now, just as God has promised. Jesus said, “You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

You have tasted the Grace of God, my dear friend and you now know that it is Good….SO GOOD. You can never go back now.

The Abundant Life is found by right BELIEVING, not by right doing.  The doing all gets right as you grow to fully believe God’s Truth.  It’s hard work.  But it’s fun because the rewards are so amazing.Image


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