I’ve grown so confident in God’s love for me.  And I’ve grown so confident that I am not smart enough to know what’s best for me.  That I no longer want to ask God for things.  I figure He is always doing what is best for me anyway.  I really mean it.  My prayers only RARELY now are requests to Him to do something for me.  Actually, I find myself asking for myself, and all of a sudden my words slow down to a stop as I remember how much He wants to give me stuff I don’t even “deserve” (if I were under the Law, which I’m not) and how smart He is in figuring out what will bless me the most.   I’m way less confident in my requests than in what He was going to do for me anyway.

Now, don’t think I’m saying “I think that I’m a better Christian for not asking God for things for me.”  Not at all true.  I’m saying that I’m well satisfied that He is blessing me to the max already. I don’t want to “mess Him up” by asking Him to change His plans for me.  I’m being entirely Truthful and sincere on this.   I’m telling you what I’m experiencing,  I used to ask Him for things all the time. It’s because I believe differently. Image


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