Throughout the 31 years since saying Yes to Jesus for the first time, as I’ve tried to figure out what is the True Gospel, the method I’ve used for this I’ll call “Dueling Verses”.  Those with a works outlook will site verses they believe support their view as do those with a Grace outlook.  The debate seems to be how to interpret each of the hundreds of verses that relate to this matter.  I pick a verse that supports my view.  You pick another that supports our view.  Thousands of books have been written seeking Truth using this method.

It  has seemed to me that it’s hard to get any issues settled (agreed between two parties that began the process by disagreeing) this way.  I think there’s a better way. I’d like your comments.

As I’ve moved into the 100% Grace viewpoint, I’ve experienced major effortless (do you hear that?  I’m saying EFFORTLESS!) growth in the 9 Fruits of the Spirit listed in Galations.  Every single one of those 9.  Not incremental growth.  MAJOR growth.  In my first 30 years in “Christianity”, I’ve never had that experience.  Not even close.  I have experienced this in the last 2 years very strongly.

If one’s viewpoint doesn’t produce major growth in Fruit, then it is a less True Gospel than if it produces major growth.  For me, this growth has been SO huge that I don’t feel I need to go on using the ineffective “method” of choosing my Truth.  My experience of this is so strong that I no longer need to continue with “dueling verses” as my main or only way to seek Truth.

The Matter is now settled for me.  I’m living and experiencing what I read in scripture. At least for now, I no longer want to spend my time dueling verses. I’m living the Truth now.

Works people say, “Well, don’t go by your fickle feelings.”  Rather than debate on whether or not I’m just “listening to my fickle feelings”, I prefer to say it this way.  “My day to day life now matches what I see in scripture.  Experiencing this and remembering that dueling verses never worked, I’ve now made my decision on what is True”.

Don’t turn away from what I’m saying.  I know it’s scary to think that someone else may have stumbled on greater Truth than you may have so far.  REALLY scary.  So, we tend to want to resist it.  I understand it’s incredibly scary to consider that maybe you haven’t experienced the Narrow Gate all these years.  I now believe I hadn’t.

So, I want to propose this to you, reader.  That the best way to decide if “which Gospel” you believe is True is which one produces effortless HUGE FRUIT. Let’s not keep writing back and forth each side declaring it’s pet verse as it’s main argument. That has gone nowhere so far.

Have courage to face the Truth.  The works Gospel doesn’t produce effortless huge Fruit. Don’t tell me it does. I had an element of works in my view for 30 years.  Little effortless Fruit.  Mostly my “Fruit” (not real Fruit) was my working my ass off, worrying about whether or not I was being “good enough”, then working more to just “make sure”. Image


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