ADDICTIONS: Kids Give Up Their Toy When a Puppy Comes Along

A very understandable, rational reason that addictions drop away once you understand the Truth of Grace.  You no longer want the inadequate righteousness you have gotten by your works (the “toy”) once you experience the Perfect Righteousness Imputed (Google it if this term unfamiliar) by God (the “puppy”).  You give back the toy to enjoy the puppy.  Get it?  Please comment.

I, for one, don’t work on stopping my addictions.  Absorb that comment.  A Christian man is on the internet saying that he doesn’t try to stop his addictions.  Well, it’s True so get used to it. 🙂  That never worked. Instead, I keep working on believing the Truth.  Better than a toy. And my addictions are withering away. I’m living the dream, baby.  You can, too.  Just don’t wait 30 years like I did.


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