I have tried for 35 years (until about a year ago) to figure out which version of the Gospel is True-est.   As you know, there are many variations of the Gospel on significant points. How do you figure which one is most True?

I’ve always favored the “Let’s compare verses” approach as a way to figure this out.  However, I never DID succeed in building an iron-clad, indisputable case for one view or the other by this method.

But, the first day I listened to Joseph Prince’s “Pure Grace” or “Radical Grace” view/sermon on the internet (perhaps 18 months ago), something happened in my soul. If I recall correctly, I actually stood up from my chair, all alone, vigorously thrust my fist into the air and shouted  something like “Yippee!”  or “Alright!” or “Now I understand.”.  A revelation!  The most spiritual experience I’ve ever had.  Since then, I spend hours each day drinking in the Grace of God by all the great blogs out there authored by people who have had the same “Aha!” experience I had.

Today  I’m less upset by the fact that there are some verses  where a case could be made (by those who disagree with my view) that they don’t line up with the Pure Grace point of view.  BECAUSE…my personal EXPERIENCE of this Gospel (which was never my criterion before) made everything new inside of me.  I am a different person now. I’ve seen all 9 Fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace,patience, goodness, kindness, faithfuless, gentleness and self control) grow effortlessly and significantly.  AND, so many scripture now seem to make total sense when viewed through the lens of the Pure Grace viewpoint. My spiritual experience was SO strong that I have had to accept the Pure Grace viewpoint, even though I can’t totally explain all the verses that opponents site and claim disqualify the Pure Grace view.

About 9 months ago, I decided to start blogging so I could document what was happening in my soul.  I thought it could help my family members and also so many non-relatives (like you, reader) who may read this blog.  I’m still interested in those verses that are controversial.  But, I’m not relying on that to entirely convince me.  Although evaluating scripture is certainly an important element in seeking God’s Truth, the message of Pure Grace was the very first viewpoint that changed my life almost immediately.

I blog because I want to point the way to peace and joy.  I know there are many people with severe depression/anxiety like I had for 30 years before finding this Truth.  My recovery was quite quick and is continuing.   And, I’ve asked people (bloggers) who are farther down the road on this Grace message if I will continue to grow and grow and gain new insights as the years go by. And they say that this growth will continue in the years ahead.  The Grace of God just keeps getting better and better.

At 61 years old, I have found true peace and joy.  I am not afraid of God.. I’m convinced He knows me and is my Friend.  And that He is eager to bless me whether or not I happen to be behaving very well at any particular point in time.

If this resonates with you, please continue pursuing this.  I think the best blog for someone in the early stages of pursuing this is http://www.escapetoreality.com.  But there are many more that I can refer that are also excellent.  And this one may help you, too.


2 thoughts on “WHICH GOSPEL IS TRUE? – PART 2

  1. HI there new friend,
    I hear you that this grace thing is still in process for you. Ditto. It’s a grace journey. It’s a seeing in fullness – a revelation. Not of a “thing” but of Christ. When we see Him in His fullness, we see grace in fullness. But it is God who imparts His Spirit in a way or method or reason that only He can understand, in spurts perhaps, in bits and pieces, in specific customized ways that only fits each of us personally, as He knows us better than we know ourselves. It is very important to understand that God has a timing for each and every thing.

    In this we trust. As for what is “pure” grace, I think we each have our own way of knowing that. It’s not enough to just say it, it matters “HOW” we understand it that is the essence of the meaning. God says what He says in the Bible and these words can be interpreted in lots of different ways. So what God says is one thing, but what really matters is how He means what he says. How do we know what God means by what He says? By hearing through the Holy Spirit. It’s the Spirit that brings Life. Zoe Life. Eternal Life. Jesus Life. And how to understand is also a matter of revelation.

    As much as I am attracted by your message of receiving durable peace and joy (who doesn’t want THAT?) I am aware that “the heart is deceitfully wicked, who can know it?” and I know that God’s ways are higher than our ways, and I know the wisdoms of the Bible are through and through the word, to be understood IN CONTEXT……so I don’t want to miss what might be BETTER than durable peace and joy. And yes, I’m in a valley time right now and thoroughly crave peace and joy…which is why I am here. To perhaps unravel some of this

    …all I know is Christ and Him crucified. That’s the gospel.

    The God who “became flesh and walked among us”. And the guys who touched Him and walked with Him wrote a book about it. As you shared in the photo of the baseball player with his arms in the air –
    yeeeeeeeee haaa !

    • Skylla Moon, you wrote “all I know is Christ and Him crucified”. Remember, the thing is, He rose! After 3 days in the tomb (and I wonder what it was like for Him in there), He rose from death! And He calls us to this Life. Here. Now. I am sorry if you are depressed in the valley you describe, I know that is not fun. God is bigger than the waxing and waning of our moods. I wish you a good journey with Him through your valley. He is there.

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