I look forward to the day I can give you a big hug in heaven! And this Hufford guy too. The things I am learning here- I can’t even explain what it’s doing to me! I have just been crying with joy over these revelations of God’s grace that are setting me free from things I’ve learned in church! The change on the inside of me is so overwhelming, I feel like I’m going to burst! And I want to burst with frustration too, that others can’t see it.- And that your teachings are called “false doctrines” and “slippery slopes” in my church. They would say you are a false prophet leading me astray, setting me up for disappointment. They think the Bible verses that warn of false prophets who tickle your ears, are referring to teachers like you. I am starting to see the irony though is they may unknowingly be the teachers of false doctrines we are to be aware of. I have always thought mainstream Christianity had to be the right way. But maybe the road less traveled is truly the way- the way that is rejected, even by most churches. Maybe the ways we’ve always been taught are not right after all. That’s why we have to seek God amd truth and find out for ourselves… Not just go with what we’re told.

Have you ever read David Platt’s book, Radical? We studied it for months in Sunday School. I was thoroughly confused and depressed and guilt-ridden during that time. Through reading your site here, the answers are starting to come together, and the Bible is starting to make sense. I think there were some good points in the book Radical, and the end result of what Platt was trying to achieve was good. But we as Christians will have a much easier time getting there if the work is done through an understanding of love and grace. Radical seemed to be very law-based, striving based, self-denial based, we owe Jesus based. You get the point. There was talk of forsaking family for the Gospel’s sake, with scriptures backing this up. That just tore me apart. So reading this review of Hubbard’s book literally made me sit up, put the iphone down, and weep! This is truly too-good-to-be true news!
Now how to get others to see it? Do I try to change my church’s mind? Or do I change churches?



  1. Hi I want to thank you for your reply to my comment on faith. I am a little disappointed with Paul for not publishing some of my comments ,for why I don’t know , but to me scripture and the love of Jesus is about finding truth not skipping over the hard bits. I have posted my last comment to you which Paul refused to publish which I think had some good points. Thanks and God bless

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    I have never heard anyone blame God for the choices of those who reject him. Your words Paul I will point you to Romans 9:18- “Consequently, then, to whom He will, He is merciful, yet whom He will, He is hardening.”
    And if you want to move on in that passage we read And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified.Who HE predestined .Predestined means to make a decision beforehand.

    Matthew 13:11 records these words Jesus spoke to His disciples: “To you has it been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of the heavens, yet to those (the throng) it has not been given.
    It has not be given?
    This means that a believer cannot even claim credit for his or her ability to believe! We move on. Read Philippians 1:29 and Romans 12:3. The first verse says that our belief in Christ is graciously granted us, the second that our very faith is god given.
    2 Peter 3 9 any should perish ,hey but we all do ,we all die what makes perish mean not saved?My feeling is that God will draw all men but not in this eon (period of time ) which is the original word mistranslated eternal ,eventually,but this is for another subject.Paul before you start dishing out on non believers try taking in all the bible not just parts.

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  2. Also I would love for you to listen to Dan Sheridan at sheridanvoice , this teaching is as close to truth As I have found in my opinion .Let me know how you go Thanks

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