I think a lot about that famous quote from Henry David Thoreau: “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation.” I’ve probably known that quote for 40 years.  And I believe I only heard it once.  But, 40 years later I still think about it a fair amount.  I think I’ve come to believe that Thoreau was accurate in this claim.  I also counted myself in that group (“Most men…”) for that entire 40 years.  When I’m in a crowded, public place, my mind wanders often to wonder how many of these people have any peace and joy, how many are suffering badly.  I don’t get tired of thinking about that.  Maybe it’s my version of “people watching”. 

Do you know anyone who can tell you that they were in “quiet desperation” for 40 years then it ended?  I do.  Me. I’ve been free for 18 months now. Once I began to grasp the Full Grace of God, I began the exciting climb out desperation.  This whole resurrection for me began with a Joseph Prince sermon. Today I am a very happy man most every day.  But, it will still get better, I’m sure. 


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