I’ve worked my ass off my whole adult life.  I mostly worked out of fear, although I didn’t understand this during all those years – fear that I wouldn’t “get” what I thought I needed to find peace/joy.  The biggest fear-drive goal I had was to be a good person. That was before I realized that God made me a good person because of my faith in Jesus.  I have no more work to do to be a good person.  That goal has been accomplished by Jesus.   Now that I’ve found peace/joy, I intend to no longer work out of fear. So, why should I ever do another lick of work?  I didn’t know the answer to this for the last year as I have been understanding the Grace of God.  It scared me a bit that I may get way too lazy now because I’m no longer afraid of the future.  But, I believe I’ve figured out why I should and will work with diligence.  The same reason Adam did in the Garden.  Do you remember that although all his needs were met by God (just as mine are and yours can be), he worked out of joy and as a craftsman, so to speak?  Adam tended to the earth out of JOY, not like an employee of God who had to “do things for God”.  I’m glad to get this answer.  I was afraid I may get lazy.  I don’t think I will.  But I think I will get more effective than I’ve ever been in my work!!!


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