Jesus taught almost exclusively in the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke) from the Old Covenant (OC). I believe this has been the source of much of my confusion through the years. And likely the confusion of millions of other church attenders.  And lots of pastors, too. As I sat in church and absorbed words that sounded like a “works salvation” the pastor would be labeling it the Gospel of Grace.  And never one time in my church going experience did this ever get straightened out from the pulpit. I think it’s because most pastors can’t really explain those works passages in a way that will satisfy a smart, careful listener. I always tried to fit these OC words into the New Covenant (NC) because I thought all of Jesus words were NC.  Major confusion, depression, anxiety. If you don’t understand that the NC didn’t happen until the crucifixion/resurrection and isn’t very present in the synoptic Gospels, then the Bible can be scary and depressing in many parts.


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