Everyone is searching for The Pearl of Great Price.  Jesus uses the idea of The Pearl in a parable.  It’s a parable about desiring and finally finding the one thing that makes life more beautiful and happy (fruit of the Spirit) such that you wouldn’t ever trade it for anything else. ANYTHING!! I mean “anything” literally.  So, you can imagine how valuable this Pearl is.  People use different words to refer to The Pearl.  They may not even know the parable where Jesus spoke about The Pearl.  But, all men desire it just the same, even when they often can’t put a name on it. 

I have found it.  Thank God.  However, I find that most  “good, Christian” people don’t want to hear what I’ve found or how I found it.  I think some are scared that if they start seriously looking for The Pearl and they can’t find it, that they will suffer the irrational fear that God hasn’t picked them to own this Pearl.  A feeling of rejection by God.  Very scary. 

If you don’t have The Pearl, then take the risk to hear out an earnest Christian who has found it.  Don’t be scared. I know many of them who have found The Pearl. But, most Christians haven’t, I believe.

As various people either reject or don’t pursue The Pearl that is offered, I am “shaking my head” metaphorically inside my emotions because The Pearl is available for ALL those who will earnestly seek it.


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