HYPOTHETICAL MIND EXPERIMENT – Imagine (if you can) that someone told you that you no longer had to tend to your vocation anymore.  That you will continue to get your paychecks but you no longer have to do the work.  It will be done FOR YOU by someone else (gratis…for free) but all the accomplishments and all the money/compensation will still accrue to you.  How would that change your life? If you will ponder this, it sounds like life would get a whole lot less difficult if you didn’t have to worry about your vocation.

That’s kind of how I’m experiencing the Grace of God.  I interpret that God no longer wants me working on being “a good person”.  That has been already accomplished by Jesus.  Can you imagine how it is for me to no longer work on (stress about) trying to be a good person?  I sure feel free, if you can imagine. 

If to you it’s a shocking statement for me to make that I feel I no longer need to focus on “being a good person”, if you’ll leave a comment, I will explain in more detail what I’m saying.  But I wanted to keep this post brief as always. 


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