It Really IS A Beautiful Day

If you believe what I’ve written, then each day is truly a beautiful day without you making further efforts to make it so.  Believing the Gospel of Grace really does make EVERY SINGLE THING okay in life.  It makes it UNNECESSARY to try real hard to make “things OK” because they already are – through nothing you’ve done except believed the message.   To the extent you (or anyone) knew the Good News and believed it, then to that extent their heart would not yearn for the things you can accomplish or communicate in your daily efforts (I’m not just speaking career and money here, gang). 

I no longer want to get up and “make it a good day”.  I want to (and often do) get up and remember that it already IS a good day and I really have no needs that won’t be provided. 

COUNTERFEIT WARNING: You might think I’m saying that in order to please God,  you need to appreciate each day.  WRONG.  BADLY WRONG. God doesn’t need you to be in a good mood.  But He likes it when you are because He loves you so much.  In making it so that each day is, in fact, a good day, God isn’t trying to get you to have the right attitude (grateful) in a way that pleases Him.  He is trying to help you to find lasting peace and joy.  You can never accomplish this by working on fixing your circumstances.  Only by fixing your beliefs (renewing your mind). 


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