I’m a newbie to the full Grace of God.  Once I found The Pearl of Great Price, I got pretty enthusiastic.  I’ve wanted to help everyone else get The Pearl.  I’ve been surprised by how LITTLE interest there is in all this from “my people” (family, associates, friends, etc.).  I’ve been so desperate to have peace/joy for decades that I think that if one of my friends said they found it, I’d think I’d seek him out to see if I could get in on it.  But maybe I wouldn’t tune into it. But it really just makes me sad.  It also makes me value even more what I’ve found.  But, mostly it makes me very sad for these people I see in emotional pain.  I’m open to comments. 


2 thoughts on “STUNNED

  1. The problem with my response is that I can only generalize. However, I find that most American churchgoers, especially those in more traditional churches, have about as much God as they want. The idea of “more God” is truly frightening to our natural selves. We feel that More God will mean less Me. Not so! But very few people hunger and thirst to the extent that they are willing to dive in.

    • I agree with you, Turner. The flip side is that most everyone who has not gotten this 100% Grace Message/Truth is suffering emotionally. They don’t really know why. They are trying to be “A Good Christian” (wrong goal in my view) but they could never say honestly they have The Abundant Life. They don’t wake up in the morning saying, “Yippee! It’s another day! I’m so looking to enjoy it fully!” To make life somewhat survivable, they put hope in every sort of mundane matter. Money, raising a family, addictions of various kinds, social activity, exercise, shopping, etc. etc. They do get little boosts of joy from them. But nothing satisfies. Eventually they find themselves looking forward to when life will be over as they eventually learn that nothing really “works” and they begin to give up hope.

      The very first time I learned there were Christians who were TRULY, consistently happy, I jumped on it (I boast only in the Lord, here). I am so surprised more people don’t jump on it.

      The heart is a lonely hunter until Grace is known and believed.

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