A spiritually sick, rebellious fool? Guilty as charged!

That was so great. Just today, I got a major rejection from a brother who is a great person but who thinks I’m not and doesn’t want to do business together. Like 3 different people who I think are pretty great don’t think the same of me. Please don’t criticize them. That’s not my point.

I’m pretty new to the radical grace of God. So, facing this level of rejection would fairly devastate me in the past for, maybe a week. Then it would hurt for a long time. Well, I can’t tell you how comforted I am that God says I’m great. And his opinion has judicial authority. I’ve heard this in church a lot. But, somehow, I’m really getting it now. I’m finding new levels of peace and joy.

I’m a pretty messed up person, if Jesus weren’t in the picture. I get great strength from remembering many times each day that I’m God’s favorite person (tied for first place with everyone else, btw) and he sees me as innocent and worthy. I really like how you, Steve, wrote this post. It really encouraged me. I need to think about these things about 100 times every day to keep myself in peace/joy.

The Grace Base

I have been accused on Charisma news of being a spiritually sick, rebellious fool (by another Christian, no less).

I admit, I am! Guilty as charged!

If I wasn’t sick I wouldn’t need the Great Physician. Yet, as Isaiah says:

“By His stripes we are healed.” (Isaiah 53:4)

Amen?! Christ didn’t come for those who are well, remember, but for those in need of a doctor.

And, I admit, I am rebellious. I rebel against God. I rebel against His love. I find myself unfit to be a recipient of His amazing love. Yet as I experience it I open my heart a little more each day.

And finally, I admit, I am a fool. A fool for Christ, yes, but also a different kind of fool – the foolish kind. I make stupid mistakes. I mess up relationships, say stupid things, get angry, have lustful thoughts, envy…many of the sins…

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