We (humans) often complain or at least assert that life isn’t fair because we see such great gaps in living conditions between the impoverished/oppressed and the wealthy/free populations of the world.  Well, as it turns out the difference in these circumstances only causes a microscopic difference in peace/joy levels between people-groups of different economic levels.  But, the Gospel of Grace is available to everyone.  And this is the thing that makes a peace/joy difference HUNDREDS of times greater than different economic levels.  But, anyone can experience the Gospel.  And the Bible even suggests that wealth is an OBSTACLE to grasping the Grace of God. I would SO, SO, SO much more rather be impoverished but know and believe the Gospel of Grace than be wealthy and not know it.  

As it turns out, life IS fair, after all. We all have the opportunity to live in peace/joy. I have experienced such joy by knowing and believing (as best I could at times) the Gospel of Grace this last year, and the UNMATCHED joy it can provide, I can now say that I now understand that God IS FAIR and LIFE IS FAIR.  Because the Gospel of Grace is knocking on your door all the time, waiting for your acceptance.

However, I am thinking at this point that not that many will find it. Another topic.


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