Rich Young Ruler – Resolved

This story troubled me for years.  I heard lots of pastors attempt to explain why Jesus didn’t tell the Rich Young Ruler (RYR) about the Gospel of Grace. None of their attempts/explanations over many, many sermons and years didn’t satisfy my soul.  Then it became clear that it WAS a story pointing to grace very clearly. I’m happy to explain to you why I believe I know this is True.

I’m stunned that none of the hundreds of preachers I’ve listened to, some of whom preached on this story, didn’t see it as a story pointing to grace. To me, this points to how FEW Christians including pastors understand the radical grace of God, which I believe is the pearl of great price. If you don’t understand how The RYR is a story pointing to grace, please leave a comment and we can correspond.  I want you to have the pearl of great price. 

I no longer want to struggle each day to control/fix/manage all my earthly circumstances to get what my soul needs. Doesn’t work anyway.


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