Isn’t This PROOF That The Gospel Has No Works Element?

I like to converse with Christians who believe there’s a works element in The Gospel.  Proponents of both views (no works vs. a works part) can site many scriptures that they can use to support their view.  But, I believe there is a smoking gun that proves the case for one view or the other.  Here it is:  Whichever view fills you will peace/joy and  sense of well-being.  I think God was clear that when we believe the Truth, we will have major peace/joy.  He calls it many things in the Bible.  The Truth will set you free.  A peace that passes understanding. The abundant life. Fruit of the Spirit.  Living water. And others. For me, as soon as a works element is suggested in the Gospel, it makes me afraid and depressed.  So, I figure that can’t be true because it doesn’t put me in a state that would match up with these “names” for the state of peace/joy offered to those who believe the Truth.   Also, take a minute and read the “comments” of blog readers who take the radical grace view and see how joyful these people are.   I can read authentic joy between the lines of those comments.  You don’t find this in comments from those who espouse a Gospel that has an element of works.


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