This morning I was driving behind another vehicle that had this bumper sticker:  All the Glory to God.  In my view, a great thought IF…IF…IF… the belief  behind these words is gratitude…not fear.  A person could display a bumper sticker like that because they are SOOOOO overcome with gratitude and love for God (because of what He’s done for us) that they just can’t stop “talking” (by way of a bumper sticker) about it.  Another person could have the same bumper-sticker but the secret motive (perhaps not even apparent to the very person who has chosen and applied the bumper sticker) is that maybe this is a good way to show God that I’m really willing to be submissive to him. Maybe He will give me some brownie points for driving around with this bumper sticker pointing to Him.  The only point I’m making is that the religious behavior you see from someone on the outside can’t tell you the spiritual reality or truth on the inside.

So, do you feel gratitude and love for God?  If not, the reason is that you don’t understand and believe The Truth (Gospel) accurately.  You misunderstand what God is really like toward you. Love and gratitude can’t be manufactured by TRYING to feel love and gratitude.  So, don’t try to love God.  It won’t work.  Instead, examine your beliefs about Him.  And if these beliefs don’t create feelings of love inside you, you can be sure that what you are believing isn’t the Truth about Him.

I think this is a good measurement to figure out if what you believe about God is true.  If it’s True, it will be the happiest thought you ever had for which you would never trade for a million dollars.



  1. When my husband and I were having difficulties 5 years ago, we got some “Biblical” counseling…..it was all about “pleasing God” all about “serving God” all about being very careful, as in FEAR, careful to be sure to make the “right” choices so that God would be pleased. I am thankful that our marriage was saved however, I see now that the teaching that saved us, may not be a teaching that sets us free in Christ. Still learning…….

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