When Frank awoke each day, his soul began a new day of searching for whatever may generate happiness (peace/joy) in him.  And he had always believed that happiness (which he was convinced came via good circumstances) was up to each person individually to work hard to create happiness-generating-circumstances.   And he has always believed that as your efforts to improve your circumstances  succeed (financial success, relationship success, a clean beautiful home, a trim waistline, etc.)  your happiness increases proportionally.

Another fellow, Tom, has had a happiness strategy like Frank’s for most of his life.  But he found that the happiness that Frank’s way brought would inevitably fade away and disappoint him, leaving him exhausted and empty, desiring his various addictions (booze, temper, over-eating, over-shopping, etc.) and needing to do it all over again the next day and every day.  He’s grown to believe that he doesn’t need to work to create any new circumstance in his life to be happy.  That the Truth of how “things already are” is so beautiful when we work a bit to remember it (meditation) this remembering/meditating process puts his soul in a very peaceful/joyful place. And he is so empowered by the peace/joy he has found that he finds it easy to handle his responsibilities well.   Yet Tom’s work/efforts come out of the joy of what he knows what already IS rather than what he believes can  come from working hard to improve his circumstances.

I hope this is clear.  I hope it can help you. I’ve been Frank  most of my life.  Today I’m more like Tom.  I’m much happier (peace/joy).


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