Preachers/teachers often talk about the love of God as if it’s a total cure for anything that troubles us.  They may be talking about something in life that bothers us (financial problems, addictions, relationships, etc.) but then basically offer God’s love as the solution to the problem.  I’ve often wondered HOW it is that God’s love has anything to do with these kinds of problems. If I’m in financial distress, but God loves me, I’m still in financial distress, right? This has been an area of confusion for me during my Christian life.  And preachers don’t explain how God’s love is the answer.  Maybe they don’t even know!  Or maybe it’s so obvious to them that they think they don’t need to explain it.  

But, I think I’ve finally come to understand why God’s love is the ultimate solution to every/all problems we have in this life. How we can avoid the emotional pain of our earthly problems by meditation on (i.e., focusing on) God’s love for us? But I’m sitting here in front of my computer keyboard trying to figure out how to express this idea in this post.  But I want to do it briefly.  So, here goes my first attempt at an explanation. Add up the following ideas:

(1) God has infinite power to control every detail of heaven and earth.  (2) He is entirely good.  (3) He knows you personally including knowing your name  (4) He oversees every detail of your life (4) Ultimately, he can and dues turn every one of these details into a good outcome for you but it takes trust for you to believe this strongly  (5) So, you don’t need to fret about each of these details  (6) He has a beautiful eternity set up for you. (6) He has made thousands of promises for you (found in scripture) that you can count on 100%.

A whole book could be written on the topic of this short post.  I know I’ll lose most readers if I write long posts.  If this post leaves you with questions that trouble you, you should ask me or study them some other way. If you don’t understand how God’s love for us is a cure-all for all our distress, then you should keep working on this matter until you understand it.  It’s true and it’s better news than finding an extra million dollars in your bank account that you didn’t know you had. 


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