I was fortunate to have a very happy childhood.  I didn’t live in unusually good circumstances.  But, as a child, I lived with a belief that life was good and that my parents were very good people who loved and protected me always and had not only the intention, but also the power (ability) to make sure things were OK for me.  Knowing that they were “on duty” for me permitted me to face life with optimism and without fear.  This permitted me to be stable and pretty happy, even as I experienced what seemed at the time like the ups and downs of life.  Yet my happiness was pretty constant.

But, after we leave home as adults, we still need a “parent” to love and protect us, if we’re to have peace/joy.  For most of us, we become our own parent in the sense that we use our system of FEARS to keep us safe and protect us.  But, we play this role (of our own fearful parent) at great cost.  Because it requires that we stay “on alert” all the time, and think ahead to all risks and make plans to minimize them, as our parents did on our behalf during our childhood.   But, to play this role well, we must maintain a heightened sense of fear and tension.  You see,  we believe it’s up to US to anticipate the future and make sure our life turns out OK.  It seems that we must do this for ourselves. This is how most all of us live – in fear and tension as we try to protect ourselves and love ourselves.

But, what if we had a spiritual Parent who could play this role for us, and much better than our parents ever did?  So, we can be freed up from the emotional stress/pain of protecting and loving ourselves?  If we can grow to believe that such a Parent is present and loves us, then you can see how we can live in peace/joy.

By the way, I believe that this Parent (God)gives us blessings we don’t deserve.  Our deal with God is not that we earn any blessing.  He gives us blessings all the time we don’t deserve.  In the Old Covenant, our deal with God was that He would bless us if we behaved well.  In the New Covenant, He blesses us without regard to our performance or behavior.  His strategy is that by being this gracious toward us, we will grow to fall deeply in love with Him, which will bless us immeasurably.


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