Below is a real email I sent this mornng to a friend.  I thought it might help you to read some real interaction on the topics I’ve been writing about for all these posts.  Monica is having some conflict at work.  I’m responding to an email she sent me.
Monica – I like your thoughts.  But, I think if it were me, my mind wouldn’t be working on WHY God is allowing this.  Jesus said, “In this world you WILL have troubles.  Be of good cheer.  I’ve overcome the world.”  So, we can expect this kind of troubles.  The difference with us is that because of what we believe, we will react differently to the troubles.  We can have a supernatural peace about the trouble because we’re in on a little secret.  It’s this:  that God knows my (or your) name.  That we can have a peace inside about the troubles because God has the bigger picture fully under control and that you are highly favored by God and He will continue to bring blessings into your life that you don’t even deserve!  And even when you misbehave or sin!  Because of what you believe, you can be fully OK even when there are people against you at work. And, everyone will notice.  But, this peace and joy inside you doesn’t come because you work hard to have it.  It just grows naturally inside you because of what you believe.  To have this peace can be quite effortless.  It can just be THERE inside you if you believe rightly.
I’m so happy that you turn to spiritual thoughts when you have difficulties.  Most people turn to the worldly “solutions” like plans/manipulation to try to make things right for them. You are going to have a beautiful life because of what you think/believe.
Remember, the work God requires of you is this:  to believe rightly.  It’s here you find the peace/joy to cope successfully with the difficulties of life. If you learn what is True and learn to believe it, then you will find peace/joy in all life’s troubles.


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