This is the best video I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s 8 minutes long. If a person could believe the Truth in this video, then peace/joy would be pretty much all day every day.

REPEAT: Peace/joy comes from what we believe, not from the efforts (i.e., the work we do) we do or what we accomplish.

TRUTH: God set it up on purpose that the work we do can’t bring durable, lasting peace/joy.  Our efforts are designed, on purpose, to only satisfy for a bit, then to ultimately disappoint us.  God hopes we will give up on our strategy of trying to accomplish peace/joy by our works.

What alcohol, sex, drugs, money, prestige, good deeds toward others, a trim waistline, a beautiful wife, successful kids, a good reputation, etc. couldn’t accomplish for me, RIGHT BELIEF (believing what God says is True) has accomplished for me.


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