Here’s an important question:  Does God control all events in our earthly life or none of the events or something in between?  I guess I’ve mostly lived my life as if He doesn’t control or even influence worldly events in my life. In other words, outcomes always seemed up to me and my efforts.   In fact, I’ve believed that the NORMAL flow of events is that they screw up and turn out bad (this is entropy – look it up if you don’t know how I’m using this word here) UNLESS a human being works hard to make them turn out well. This is just what unbelieving people think and how they live, too.

But, as I’ve been exposed to the “radical grace” view that this blog is all about, I’ve learned that many believers live convinced that good results come from right belief, not from good work.  They expect undeserved good things to happen to them as they learn to more and more try to believe that God will deliver undeserved good outcomes.  Actually, as I’ve considered this view, I have noticed lots of good outcomes happening for me that I didn’t pursue with my own efforts.  I’m waiting more often like a trout in a river, facing upstream and waiting to see what choice morsels the stream brings to eat.  This is “as opposed to” furiously slashing and hunting to find food, as if the stream can’t be counted on to bring along enough available food. As I live more open to this belief, I’ve noticed lots of surprise, undeserved good outcomes coming my way.

I’m now finding myself open to the possibility that undeserved, unexpected good things may/will come my way each day.


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