This is a pretty advanced teaching, I think.  Don’t be alarmed if you don’t get it or if it seems like nonsense to you.

THE WORLD SYSTEM – Control as much as you can:(1) Your behavior (2) the behavior of others if they affect your life (3) as many of your important circumstances as you can.  If you do this well enough, and if you are smart and talented enough, this will lead to good outcomes, worldly success, financial, social, family, health, etc. This is how most of us live.  Because it’s up to us to control and get results, this leads to stress and and attempt to control/manipulate others so we can get the outcome we desire.  For me, this also led to bad temper and hostility toward others as they “failed me” and led to addictions in my own life as I’ve tried to tone down the emotional pain of not getting the results I think I want.

GOD’S GRACE – A DIFFERENT WAY: Believe you’re under the new covenant, which means that God will bring good outcomes not in proportion to your work in the World System, but in response to your belief that He will provide good outcomes. As for bad outcomes, take them as a blessing from God, although you can’t always see the blessing at the time of the bad outcome.  Work toward believing that he will bring unmerited favor to your life much greater than what you deserve or what you worked for. Few people can believe this or live this way.  It takes lots of growth to be able to believe and live this way.  But, it’s worth the journey.  Or at least it was for me.

I have been trying to move into living this new way.  The World System was too painful for me.  I had some success at it.  But, it was very painful for me and those I love.  It never brought me much peace/joy.

I’ve had some glimpses of how it feels to live in God’s Grace.  For me, it has brought the strongest sense of peace/joy that I’ve ever experienced since childhood.  But, part of me resists God’s Grace and wants to control things as written above. So, it’s an inner battle most of the time.  But, worth it.


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