I believe that we all want to have control of our feelings.  What I mean is that we want to be able to turn off or, at least, turn down depression, anxiety, anger, etc. whenever we want to or need to. I believe that this is why we have addictions.  Let’s take alcohol for example.  Although heavy, regular drinking is very destructive, the thing we like about it is that any time we are in emotional pain, we have the option to dial down the pain a bit with a drink.  Same with other addictions.

I believe God has given us a different way to control our emotions.  But, he doesn’t recommend substance abuse or other addictions (but he still loves us and stays with us if we are entangled in them).  He gives us, in my view, the Truth we can use to exercise some control over our negative thoughts which cause us emotional pain.  When I am in emotional pain, I try to find what it is I’m thinking/believing that is causing the pain.  I always find that those thoughts/beliefs are untrue according to God.  So, I try to replace my thoughts with the Truth of God.  Often or usually, the emotional pain subsides.

By the way, I am not standing alone in these beliefs.  This not only lines up with the Bible, but also with much of secular psychology and, also, it lines up with the beliefs and experiences of many joyful Christians.  BUT, lots of Christians don’t know about what I’ve written here.  There are lots of suffering Christians.


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