I’ve been told I have a tormented soul.  I think that has been true through the years.  I remember one time, 25 years ago,  I had a 90 day spiritual crisis that was so bad I couldn’t eat or sleep, I lost a lot of weight, I was desperate and miserable.  Worst time of my life, hands down.  Based on certain scriptures, at that time I was wondering if I may end up in hell.  I was introduced to a book called “Self-Talk”.  The premise of the book was this: Repeat “The Truth” to yourself rather than the lies (the thoughts that torment you) and you will break free of your pain.  Even if you really don’t consciously believe what you’re telling yourself.! Tell yourself anyway. I didn’t have any other answer so I tried it.

As I recall, there was no mention of God in the book. I was so desperate I did what it said.  I broke free in a few weeks of my pain, never to return.  This was my first experience with the idea that our thoughts are what causes our emotions and that to change what you feel, you can change what you think.  That theme has continued in my whole life.  I’m a proponent of this:

1.  Peace/joy is what we all value most.

2. It comes from our thoughts/beliefs, not our circumstances.

3. The way God has given us to be emotionally happy is to believe the Truth.  I think the system of trying to be happy by creating favorable circumstances in life is a very inferior strategy for peace/joy.  It doesn’t work.  But, it’s the strategy for peace/joy that most of us employ.  Like 99.9% of us.  This is why life sucks so much of the time.


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