I picture this blog being read by people

I picture this blog being read by people I knew and loved and “learned from” in my earlier Christian journey, before I had these Truths. I’m quite sure they would say that much of what I have written is heresy – is wrong.

You want to know what is the most convincing aspect of my current views?  That I am experiencing generous levels of love/joy/peace/patience/kindness/goodness/faithfulness/gentleness and self-control in my soul. In the Bible, these 9 traits are called Fruit of the Spirit.  And those around me notice I’ve changed.  And the change has been relatively effortless except for the hard work I’m doing to believe what God has said.  Much less effort.  Much more success in changing.

There are all kinds of “Christian views”, right?  How do we pick? By trying to study harder than the other guy?  Well, there’s nothing wrong with study.  But,  I think a great way to decide which theological view is right  is by which view delivers to you the Fruit of the Spirit.  The growth of the Fruit for me is palpable.  If you don’t know this word, it means “as if it’s physically tangible”.  I feel the Fruit so much I feel like I can touch it.


2 thoughts on “I picture this blog being read by people

  1. I have read every entry up to this point. I know doctrine pretty well. What could be construed as heresy? I have not read anything controversial.

    • Turner – Thanks for reading. These are the main points that many evangelicals would struggle with. I’m happy to discuss further or in person if you wish. This may not be a complete list. I’m going to be brief but would detail in person. No order of importance.

      (1) 1 John 1:9 meant for unbelievers. Not believers. For them, Jesus’ work is finished. No need for further confession, etc. (2) There is NO consequence for sin for believer. Because sin doesn’t even exist for believer. But, we are constrained by God’s goodness via Holy Spirit. All things are permissable but not advisable. (3) NO criticism, shame, condemnation of us from another person can stand. They aren’t True because of the Finished Work. (4) Our work (as in we go to work each day or try to be productive, etc.) is to be as Adam’s in Eden. Not for provision. God provides. But work is for our pleasure. Like a hobby. We no longer need to give thought to our needs getting met. (5) God is waiting for us to believe so that we can receive his bounty. Like, if your property had $10M of oil under it, it would have no value to you until you knew and believed it. Similar idea. (6) There ARE answers to the difficult passages that seem to suggest an element of works in the Gospel. I’ve never been taught answers that were in any way satisfying. Mostly they were ignored. (7) Fruit of the Spirit is an EXPERIENCE, not just a dry belief. These 9 Fruit well up effortlessly and powerfully when we believe the Truth of God. (8) We can live in almost perfect peace/joy. Life is beautiful and not a struggle. (9) I never once in my Bible Church years (30+) had one conversation one time that I can remember where the other party was in the joy I’m experiencing these last 2 years. I mostly remember people talking about their various problems and how THEY are trying to be a good or better person. I no longer try to be a good person. It’s a Fruit with no effort. I’m boasting in the Lord here. When I’m with people who believe as I do today, we really have NO DESIRE to really talk about anything but the Grace of God because everything else is pretty trivial by comparison. (10) I now have experienced True Worship because my gratitude to God is so great. My former worship was, mostly, dead works of the Flesh. Trying to be religious. But, it was the best I knew. (11) Jesus said the only work that is required of God is that we believe the One He sent (Jesus). That is to be our focus which leads to knowing the Truth which leads to unspeakable joy, peace and other Fruit which leads to REAL “good works” since all our needs are met as we believe this is True. (12) God specialized in “unmerited favor” as we believe Him. He does not in any way dish out blessing in response to any aspect of our performance. That’s Old Covenant.

      I could go on and on. Happy to meet with you if you wish. I was encouraged that you didn’t think I had signed up with David Koresh or Jim Jones or was worshipping the sun or moon. Turner, I just know this. I had never met anyone before (to my recollection) who had experienced what I’ve experienced as I’ve learned and believed these things and some others. I can’t keep my mouth shut about it. I’m getting some people distancing themselves because of my joy, my passion. I used to be where they are today. I’m not angry but pointing out how everything has changed for me. I would call it a “second revelation” of some kind.

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