If you want to find true peace and joy, and if you think the Truth in this blog may help you, it may be crippling to your journey if you have doubts about the existence of God that are TOO severe.  For example, if you read a post and your consistent thought is, “That sounds good.  But I 90% don’t believe God is even there!” then I don’t think you’ll find your way to peace/joy. (I’m not sure of this but think this is so.)  Yes, we all have doubts.  But, at some level of severity, I think it can hold you back in a big way.There are ways to deal with severe doubts regarding God because there’s so much solid evidence that can be studied.   But, if a person won’t work on these doubts, I’m not sure they can gain peace/joy.

Parenthetically, I think just a “mustard seed” of faith is required to be saved – to be on peaceful terms with God.  But, in order to gain the peace/joy I’m discussing, I think, say, 90% doubt that God exists can make it impossible.  I’m not sure of that.  But, I think this is so.  


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