Joe struggled with his finances all the time.  He never knew if he was going to run out of money and face the harsh consequences of being truly totally broke.  The most money he could ever put together was about $50 because new, necessary expenses kept coming along.  One day, at a family party, a distant cousin got him in a corner of the room and told him that his now deceased Uncle Clay who lived in London had, years ago, put $15M in a bank account for Joe. For some reason, Joe had been fearfully struggling for years, thinking he had no money, when he actually had $15M in his name.  Once he learned about this, his fears about money went away. But, he couldn’t benefit from these funds until he believed they were actually his possession.

I think the Kingdom of God is like this.  We have “all good things” already in our ownership that can solve all our earthly struggling.  But, until we know and believe it, they will do us no good.  So, until we know it, we get up every day and STRUGGLE to win for ourselves a little bit of blessing.  But our efforts only bring just a little blessing.  So, we experience life in it’s “lack”, when we really are actually lavishly provided for.   Don’t forget this parable.

Do you see how this lines up with Jesus’ words: “You will know the Truth.  And the Truth will set you free.”?


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