This week someone made a decision that I didn’t like that affected me significantly.  I feel a bit angry inside.  If you understand what I’ve written in this blog, you would know that I feel that we can grow out of these feelings as we mature in the knowledge of the Truth.  So, my having these feelings (which I know come from believing something that is contrary to what God says is true) probably come from feeling “put down” – that this other party didn’t show me the respect of cooperating with my request.   In other words, if they really VALUED and RESPECTED  me, they would have tried to cooperate with my request.  And for me to even have these thoughts and the feelings that go along with them, it shows that I’m not entirely living out all of what I’ve written in this blog.  It’s a journey.  I’m still working hard at it.  In my view, the “work” God requires of us is the work to believe the Truth.  That’s what I work on most of the time – to learn what God has said and to move toward believing it.


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