Deep Down, I’m Mad at You!

Ever notice how easily offended we all are?  Do you know what’s happening when we’re offended?  Someone has said or done something that makes us feel that our value may be in question or may go down a bit.  It could be something the other party says or does but doesn’t know will “offend” us.

If we haven’t learned to draw on the “imputed grace of God” to fill our need for approval/goodness/righteousness, if we are still looking at our own actions and others’ approval to feel approval/goodness/righteousness, then our relationships will be deeply flawed because we are looking to the other person to fill our need for approval/goodness/righteousness.  And when they don’t, we get depressed and angry.  We blame them.  We’re seething.

If you don’t have to look to the other person to meet these needs for approval, then you are truly free to love them unselfishly.  And you will find this love growing in your soul that you want to give away.  But this can’t ever happen until you understand the imputed righteousness that God gives you as a gift.  And, by the way, when you grow to this point, you will have incredible peace/joy.  And your addictions may go away.  Often do.

I think so far I may be 40% “there” on thinking/believing the right way.  But, this is enough to add lots of peace/joy to my life.


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