…it depends on what you change them to.  The only thoughts/beliefs that will bring lasting peace/joy is the Truth of God.  The way God made us is this:  Believe/think the spiritual Truths, and you will live in peace/joy. Believe/think untruth, you will experience depression and anxiety. Pretty simple.  Lots of other posts on here discuss this from various angles.  You may need to do some work if you have too much doubt to believe what God says.  There are solutions. 



  1. I totallybelieve this. So why doesnt my mind absorb/receive/embrace Gods truths without a fight? I got it intellectually. I think. But like all, I wanna feel it to reach me at a heart level as thats where He is. Need to see God!

    • I am so glad you asked. Believing is “work”. See John 6:28+29. And it’s the ONLY work God requires of us. I work on my beliefs every day scores of times each day. For example, take the matter of money that I wrote you about earlier in the day today. I have had lots of fears regarding money along the way. These are the ways I’ve come to “believe” what I suggested YOU believe about money. I do things like memorize verses so I can meditate on them frequently and especially when I begin to slip into a fear about money. I can pull out “the Truth” and I may repeat it to myself 50 times. I’ll walk around my apartment RANTING the Truth in my desperation and hard work to believe it. I talk to God about it if I can’t believe it very well. I read about the matter as God sees it. I watch sermons on it. I write about it (as in my blog). I read my own blog posts to remind myself what the Truth is. I haven’t experienced Truth as “revelation” most of the time. Meaning, I don’t wake up in the morning firmly BELIEVING this or that point of Truth like a revelation. Usually, I research what God says about a matter, find verses that are clear on it and use the various methods above to grow to learn it. This is also called Spiritual Warfare. It’s also called “renewing your mind.” It also is the Truth that will set you free. I experience the bending of my thoughts/beliefs to conform with what God says – I’ve always experienced this as hard work. And my progress is incremental. I still have trouble “believing” this or that after several years of working on it. But, my Fruit seems to be proportional to my success in renewing my mind. I want to continue to volley this important point. AT least in my spiritual experience, it’s essential to gain confidence in this process of renewing your mind.

  2. Ok the floodgates have opened! I have sooooo much to say right now, and keep losing my connection here where we are….. so inorder to get my thoughts down I”m using pen and paper (GASP1!) its way faster. We are at the lakehouse, be home late tmrw night. will be back at my desktop after that. It is YOUR encouragement that has rejuvenated what I know but neglected. Thank you thank you! Its like a coming together of intersecting parts…..

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