What if…you were on death row for a crime you DID commit.  Then you got a letter from, say, the President of the US to tell you that you are no longer under any of the laws of any branch of the US government and you’re being given back your freedom and your crime has been forgotten and you’re not in any way guilty.  And, going forward, you are not under the laws of the US and you may do what you want to do without consequence !!!   Plus you get to keep all your rights and privileges as a US citizen. How would you feel? Would you like to be “never guilty”?  And how would you live your life under that hypothetical circumstance? Would it make you “sin” more? Or, on the other hand, would the amount of GRACE you’ve been shown make you grateful and, therefore, loving (meaning…less “sin” so to speak).

This is not exactly like The Gospel.  But it’s similar in many ways that are worth thinking about. It’s almost like God wants to say, “OK. I’ll take all the bad consequences away and you will never BE guilty again.  Now I want to see how YOU behave now that there are no consequences for you and no threat of you being found guilty.”  How would you live your life if you knew that you NEVER accured guilt to your account when you sin?  A huge and very important question. I strongly believe that the Bible says that we would actually sin LESS!!!!


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