This is all very advanced teaching. I think it is what Jesus was referring to when he said that “…the gate is small and the path is narrow and few will find it…”  Those you live with (and maybe work with) may react negatively to these ideas and to the various ways you’re about to change.  I think they may warn you that this is all wrong.  All I can see is that it’s the most lavish peace/joy I’ve ever had and I know several other people who have walked this path and found the same peace/joy I’ve found. 



    • For the very first time in my two year journey, my wife just told me yesterday, in fact, in a very affirming, sincere way and somewhat long-winded for her (she’s a woman of few words) that she can now see that I’ve really changed and she really likes me so much better now. Well, who wouldn’t want to be married to a guy with much bigger Fruit (I boast only in the Lord here). I will tell you, Sky, that it has been a bit scary for me (BTW, this fear is unnecessary but it’s been hard for me to believe The Truth on this matter I’m discussing in this comment) to feel the separation and some alienation from my family and friends because I no longer believe what I believed. They’ve tended to just get a bit withdrawn. They don’t want me to talk about what has happened to me. But, my experience with this has been SO strong and I’m so convinced it’s True, that “going back” is unthinkable for me. So, I’ve had to give them time to watch me and see what they want to do about it.

    • I have one family member, I guess our most “troubled” member, wants it, got it to a large extent. I have two friends who wanted it, are “traveling” with me now (but behind me as they are newer to it). One has had an obsessive fear of death and that’s gone and other Fruit is showing up. Other one with often bed ridden with depression now up and about and walking what he calls The Faith Walk as his finances are crumbling replete with spousal sadness and some disharmony. Things getting much better for him as depression/anxiety is mostly gone, etc. One other woman from same works-church as mine contacted me, heard what had happened to me, said she wants to learn and believes this is True. So, these are some people who want this.

  1. Very cool! and most encouraging to me at this point in what feels like a solitary journey. but God is speaking to me and telling me how to proceed so in Him is all we need then.

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