OK. I usually don’t put MY questions here as I usually deal with matters where I’ve arrived at satisfying ANSWERS.  But, here is a question I have.

Most of my efforts over the years (like my career work, for example) has been out of fear.  In other words, I’ve been very motivated (but also quite unhappy) because I was AFRAID that I might not “succeed” and, therefore, won’t have peace/joy (i.e., “be happy”).  So I always worked remarkably hard out of this fear.  The Truth is that my fear-driven-work robbed me of the very peace/joy I was seeking.

Now that I’m growing into a greater trust in the undeserved favor (i.e. many blessings) of God, I no longer want to work because of fear, but out of love.  But, I don’t entirely understand HOW to do this. I don’t find a type of love right now inside of me that motivates me to work hard.


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