Tell me if you think this is true. Doesn’t it seem kinda “noble” to NOT accept the forgiveness God offers?  Doesn’t it seem more righteous to say, “No, God.  That’s OK.  I don’t really expect you to forget THAT! I’m OK to suffer because of what I’ve done. ”  Think about it.  I’ll wait…

But, I think this is really the sin of unbelief.  There is nothing righteous or noble about telling God that you’ll take the burden for your own sin in this case or that. It’s a bogus thought that you’re being “extra good” for not quickly accepting God’s forgiveness and lapsed memory with regard to how short you’ve come of living a worthy life.

Don’t think “the sin of unbelief” is not that big a deal.  In a way, it’s the “original sin”.  I’m thinking it’s the “worst sin” because it affects everything more deeply than anything else.  For example, I think the sin of unbelief is more serious (in terms of the damage it can do to you) that probably any other sin.  I can explain this more but won’t unless asked.


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