OK.  Go back and read the last post about “Learn What God Says…”.  Now, let’s look at an example.

George (hypothetical) believes deep down that the normal state of things in our lives is such that “If anything good is going to happen, then you have to WORK to make it happen.”  In other words, random, un-caused “good things” don’t tend to happen to us.  Expect bad circumstances unless you work very hard to prevent them. (In physics, this is called “entropy”).  In fact, God isn’t hardly ever going to give you any “free lunch”. This belief puts George under lots of stress to use every hour and minute “productively”. This causes him some depression and anxiety whenever he is less than 100% productive, which is very, very often.  George doesn’t know he holds this belief.  It’s been there so long, and he’s so “used to” thinking this way, that he doesn’t even know that this is his belief.

Now, I think that what George believes above is untrue. Remember I said that the thoughts that cause us pain always end up being untrue according to God? If George is going to escape the depression and anxiety caused by this belief, he will have to first FIND OUT that this belief is there and that it is causing him emotional pain.  Then he’ll need to begin to believe it’s untrue.  Then he will have to renew his mind, abandoning the falsehood (nothing good happens uncaused, etc.) and rehearsing/meditating on what God says in response to this falsehood (I’m a loving father who knows your name and watches over you and if you will rest in my care and abandon the falsehood, I’ll see that many good things happen to you every day that you didn’t have to work for. )

Now, you may wonder “But I don’t believe that good things happen uncaused.  If that is the way that the universe works, I’ve never seen it.”  I don’t know if I have a very well developed answer to this objection.  But here’s my comment: I believed for most of my life like George did originally.  I became persuaded by Joseph Prince (preacher) that I may be wrong about that.  I began to renew my mind in this area and I’ve come to believe strongly based on what I’ve experienced over the last year or so that life can be a long string of undeserved blessings from our loving Father. God wants to give us things we didn’t work for.  Remember, “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be provided to you.”


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