Bad Temper

I’ve had an occasional bad temper.  But, really bad.  Verbally abusive.  I’ve hated this attribute of mine. I’m always apologetic and deeply saddened when I blow up. And I KNOW, KNOW, KNOW it’s not because I haven’t tried to be so explosive.  NO ONE has tried harder than me.

As I grow in believing the Truth (which I hold to be what’s on this blog, among other Truth that hasn’t found it’s way to this blog) I find that my explosive temper is going away noticeably.

I now believe that the source of my temper all along has been this: How HARD I’VE WORKED in so many areas of my life to be self-righteous but always known I’ve failed miserably = self-loathing. One way or another, every hour of every day was an attempt to “be good enough” in one way or another.  But, it ended up being hopeless = depression.


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