A Random Email I Wrote and Sent Today to a Friend on the Search for Peace/Joy

(1) I really want you to listen to this link/audio file.  It has to do with death. I know this guy personally. It’s really good news.  http://thethingsthatmattermost.com/gallery04302006.htm

(2) I’m trying to briefly and clearly record all the Truth I know that relates to the quest for peace and joy (which is your quest, as it is all of ours) in the blog http://www.betterthananticipated2013.com. You could find some nuggets there that you may value way more than any amount of financial gain.

(3) I think you’ll know you have gained The Truth when you have a peace/joy that seems new and different than ever before. It’s True.  It’s real.  It’s really available. I know there is an element of  “diligent seeking” involved and required as it says in Hebrews.
(4) I literally would not trade any possession or financial gain for the Truth I’ve been offered.  Any possession is worth much less to me.  Not even close.

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