No Fear of Future…No Sadness About Past

Most people are dealing with, thinking about and mulling not ONLY the matters of their present day, but also ruminating on regrets from the past (called depression) and fears about the future (called anxiety).  It’s my view (held strongly, with certainty) that we are NOT required to and actually are not ABLE TO cope with (carry) the burdens of the past present and future.  God has taken care of the past and the future.  He’s only equipped us and expects us to deal with the present.  If you can accomplish this, you will find your depression and anxiety will vanish.  Yippee! But, how do you get rid of those plaguing thoughts about the past and future?  Read the other posts and you’ll find my view (and my experience) on this.

A post-script: When I write things like this, if you aren’t deeply impacted, then either (a) you don’t get it or (b) you already got it a long time ago so you don’t have a sense of a new revelation.


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